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The Idle Wizard is a 10-year-old idle game. It's wonderful since you can play it anytime, anywhere. All you have to do now is choose the appropriate Idle wizard promo code


When should I exile my wizard?

When your game slows down and you can't make any more progress in the Mystery Breed, exile the first one.


What is the highest level of my wizard?

The maximum level for your wizard is 10,000.


Is it possible to have two wizards?

Yes, you can have two wizards. For $4.99, you'll need to acquire an additional seat in the game.


What if my wizard isn't doing anything? Have you run out of things to do in the game?

You may have reached the conclusion of the game. If that's the case, either start a new game or spend $4.99 on the extension pack, which will give you more activities.


How does the Idle wizard promo code work?

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More About Idle Wizard Promo Code

The Idle Wizard is an incremental/idle game in which you play as a wizard and control your magic orb to change classes and collect resources. This mana will be used to cast powerful spells in order to become the greatest Sorcerer or Priestess!

Choosing your Character Class is at the heart of Idle Wizard. You begin as an Apprentice and may pick from a number of classes (12 total with six strong Hybrid types later in the game), ranging from conventional fantasy-inspired magicians to far more unique magic users!

Classes are a fun way to earn money without risking your life. They’re not all available at once, but each one has its own advantages depending on where you are in this enormous journey; so take your time before making a decision because there is no ‘correct’ answer here – just test everything out until something works.

As previously said, all aspects of the game are based on exploiting these elements while waiting for others to act. You may acquire a lot of items with the Idle wizard promo code!

With no-cost wizard code, you may get a lot of things at a reduced price! Depending on the code used, gamers can acquire various items and characters.

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In Life, you’re responsible for gathering Mana and Mysteries. When a player has 1e12 units or more in their possession, they’ll be able to unlock an extra Mystery that may be utilized at any time during the game to restart from scratch while still utilizing all past collected mysteries from previous runs through Idle Wizard mode – no matter how far back those traces go!

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